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Birthdate:Aug 25
Location:Delaware, United States of America
Where to start? I'm a 40 year old transplanted Southerner. Originally from Chattanooga, TN, I spent some time in Spartanburg, SC for college and moved to Winston-Salem, NC for grad school before ending up here in Delaware. Things I miss: sweet tea, easy access to Sonic, being close to my mom. Things I don't miss: living in a republican-dominated state, living where the humidity smacks you in the face if you go outside pretty much any day between April and October. I've been married for 15 years to my husband S. and we have one son, Jamie, born 7/5/01, and one daughter, Isabella, born 5/9/11.

I'm the Barbara, mom of 14 year old Jamie, that posts (way!) less frequently than I used to on* newsgroups (ok...I never post anymore. But I used to!), so if you are wondering who the heck this person is that added you, it could be because I recognized your name from there. :) Or because you're a friendsfriend and I thought you sounded interesting, or because I saw something you posted in a community and loved it, or....any number of reasons, really. Feel free to ask me if you're curious. :)

From looking at my communities, you would get the impression that I'm an absolutely rabid breastfeeder/boob nazi. While that's true in part, it's more that I'm just strangely fascinated by LJ drama, and there's a lot to be found in the parenting communities. ;)

Most of my entries are friends-only. Trust me, there's way more here than meets the eye. Leave me a comment or add me to your list if you'd like to be added--please note, however, that I won't add someone who has a "reading only" journal (that is, one with no entries) without knowing who you are. Just drop me an email or a comment, in that's not hard!

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Jamie--4.5 years

Isabella--4.5 years so far!

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