Jul. 18th, 2017 08:01 pm
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1. Beautiful summer skies.

2. A glass of pink wine. (See icon.)

3. Lunch with someone I dearly love. \o/!

4. The entertainment value of watching my son play his first game of Magic: the Gathering today.

5. The prospect of an evening of Great British Bake-Off with [personal profile] sanj once I put Mr. Kid to bed, huzzah.

Summer gratitudes

Jul. 8th, 2017 03:23 pm
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1) I am trying a new recipe -- black rice salad with mangos and cilantro. (I forgot to buy the roasted peanuts, so will have to add those tomorrow.) I've never cooked black rice, so I'm hoping I chose the right setting on the rice cooker, but I am psyched to see how this turns out.

2) I'm also marinating some chicken thighs to roast tomorrow. I got a store-bought marinade (green chile), made in Austin, and I was hopeful that given its provenance it would actually taste spicy to me. To my great delight, it does.

3) I got to see friends over the past week, and that was a very happy thing indeed. \o/!

4) Now I am home but my kid doesn't come home until tomorrow, so tonight I get to go out to dinner like a grownup. ([personal profile] sanj and I are going to hit the Indian place, since that is a place I cannot go with Mr. Kid, at least not until he broadens his palate a bit.)

5) I got ten hours of sleep last night (!!!) and I have high hopes of replicating the feat tonight.

How are y'all? I've been mostly offline for a week; what'd I miss?


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